Our Top Tips For Working From Home

When working from home, you are your own personal manager. Working from home requires discipline, including ignoring distractions during the day. It also requires some unpredictable skills, such as the ability to troubleshoot your own IT problems. So many people are working from home because of the global coronavirus pandemic. We are sharing some of our top tips for getting your work done and maintaining your mental well-being.


  1. Stick to a routine.

It’s important to stick to a routine. First, get changed out of your pyjamas every morning. It will help get you in the right headspace for work.


  1. Make sure you have a good breakfast.

Remember, you don’t have to rush to catch a train, bus or hop in a car. Fuel yourself until lunchtime so you’re not tempted to snack.


  1. Do not work from your bed!

Try to keep the bed a sacred space for sleeping and relaxing where work is banned. It’ll help make the work-life divide a little clearer.


  1. Make good posture a priority.

By setting up a dedicated workspace, you can arrange your desk, chair and computer in a way that is beneficial to your posture.


  1. Create to-do lists

To-do lists keep you organised and focused. You can also share the status of your lists with your colleagues so they know you’re on top of your work.


  1. Stick to your set working hours.

You’ll get your best work done and be most ready to transition back to office life if you stick with your regular hours.


  1. It’s important to take regular breaks.

It’s very easy to find yourself sitting at the computer for long periods of time without even noticing, if that’s been you this morning- it’s time to take a 5 minute break. Go outside! Even if it’s just a quick walk around your garden, the fresh air will do wonders.


  1. Effective communication at home.

Communicate to people you live with that you’re working, for instance if you have a video call with your coworkers and need everyone to be quiet.


  1. Keep your coworkers in the loop.

Be in regular contact with your team. Zoom is a great platform for online meetings. Use instant messaging for quick updates.


  1. Playing music.

Some people believe playing music makes them more productive. If this is you, have the radio or some music on in the background as you might do at work. If you don’t, try something playing in the background so you don’t feel like you are alone.


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